A town in an gold valley-Miass. Ilmenskiy national park

Founded in the Urals during gold mining time, Miass joints a unique preserved area which is rich in precious and semiprecious stones and minerals. The town is situated on the Miass river, at the foot of the Ilmenskiye mountain, in 96 km to west from Chelyabinsk. The town is like a precious stone which is framed with not less wonderful setting – transparent lakes, impressive mountains and green of the forests.

The beauty of Miass have been attracting the beauty admirers at all the time and inspired for writing romantic poems and hearty songs.

200 years ago a visiting Cossack Prutov founded not far from Lake Ilmenskoye a stone “the color of the sky”, this unusual finding interested the scientific world, expeditions drew to Ural region, scientists from Russia and Europe soon discovered a great number of precious stones: amethyst, agate, crystalline silica, garnet, samarskite, chevkinite…. Nowadays the doors of Ilmen of Science Museum which is in a top five biggest geological and mineralogical museums of the country is open for tourists and we can meet the history and nature of this unique corner more closely.

Recently Miass got one more sight which deserves to be in Guinness Book of World Records – the park of huge stationary. Tourists like taking photos next to a clip, compasses, scissors and a ruler of huge sizes and Miass citizens are proud of a unique beauty of their town.

Excursion duration - 1 day.

Return to Chelyabinsk at 21-00

Cost - $ 35.