A trip to Russian Paris

In our region there is a small countryside locality with an interesting name – Paris. Yes, yes, exactly Paris. This village was founded by Cossacks at the beginning of XIX century.

Cossacks , who were in different European cities after Napoleon’s army defeat including France, called this village of such a loud name.

Naturally, Paris is unreal without the Eiffel Tower. Here there is the Eiffel Tower but it’s much more smaller of a real one. But it looks quite colourful against the background of a village life.


Sefie against it would be just as well as in French capital! An ostrich farm is situated next to the village yards and gardens. These birds look quite contrastively against the snow in winter.

You will hardly find anywhere the combination of the Eiffel Tower and walking ostriches. Come to our Paris in Chelyabinsk region and you will see all these with our own eyes! And you will take photos against the background of them. All your friends will envy you!

Cost - $ 35