Active leisure. Winter

As you probably know, winter in Russia lasts for nearly half a year. Snow and Russia – are closely connected notions. So we have a great number of winter activities in our country. If you prefer active leisure and high speed during winter time- riding a snowmobile will be an excellent choice!

Snowmobile rent – is one of the most memorable extreme activity in winter. We know the best places for riding and we will show you all the opportunities of winter transport. It is incredibly enjoyable to cut white great spaces, go down fast from hills and take up the fountains of sparkling snow! A variety of routes and peculiarities of relief won’t leave you indifferent.

Mountain skiing, tubing

Mountain complexes of Chelyabinsk Region attract tourists by not only the beauty of the Ural mountains and clean air, but also by the intensive infrastructure and mountain skiing routes of different degrees of complexity, thus allowing to ski for both professionals and beginners.

Mountain skiing complexes of our region are ready to welcome guests from all over the world. To realize this routes of all types of complexity are prepared, there is also an intensive infrastructure and different extra types of active and passive leisure. And all this against the background of the beauty of Ural nature.

Mountain skiing centers can offer anyone to have a rest after one’s one liking and level of training. Most of them are equipped with devices of artificial snowmaking, thanks to which mountain skiing season lasts till April. Elevation reaches up to 430 meters, on the average general length of routes is 10 km at particular resort.

Apart from mountain skiing and snowboarding, one can rent a snowmobile and a quad bike and go skating. Apart from that you can try tubings- a kind of windmill for riding down the snowy hill. Tubings have a high slide, develop speed and make a usual riding down the hill an exciting adventure