An ancient town Arkaim

One of the most interesting historical places and “places of power” is an ancient settlement Arkaim in South Ural steppe.

The discovery of “The country of towns” in the south of Ural has become the biggest archeological and cultural sensation on the threshold of 21 century.

Scientists believe that the age of Arkaim is older than of Egyptian Pyramids and that people who used to live here were the first representatives of Indo-European culture. According to archeological excavations, this unusual settlement was a temple, a fortress, a handicraft centre and the exactest astronomical observatory.

Archeologists have found the evidence of highly – developed metallurgy and metalwork. It is interesting that Arkaim at that time was already fully an eco- friendly town with filtration systems and other purification works. Ancient people who lived in South Ural steppe lived in harminy with nature.

We offer you to spend a night in tents, in steppe. You will fully fell this powerful energy in a quit and practically deserted place, in the middle of “place of power”.

Duration of the tour - 2 days / 1 night. Cost - $ 80