Attend the Russian wedding!

One of the most unusual of our offers – is the opportunity to be the guest at our real Russian wedding! Wedding- is cool! Especially if it is in Russia.

Wedding in Russia – is quite an interesting event. A just- married couple spend it trying to keep up old traditions.


For example, in the morning of a wedding day the fiancé goes to the bride’s house and buys her out by overcoming some obstacles in the form tasks and bride’s friends.


Bride and fiancé’s parents meet them with "bread and salt".

As for the dinner – it is accompanied by different games and jokes and different entertainments from a toaster.

You will see all the peculiarities of our national wedding! Naturally, at the wedding guests drink a lot and sometimes they fight by the end of this special occasion. There is a proverb in Russia- “wedding without a fight isn’t a wedding” If you are lucky, you will take part in it! Quite often, according to the tradition, wedding lasts for two days. You have a great opportunity to be a guest at a wedding in Russia from beginning to end, congratulate a just married couple, take part in games and communicate with ordinary Russian people!

There always will be a translator next to you during the wedding. You should book this excursion beforehand, so that we will be able to choose the wedding, which will take part during the days of your holiday in Russia.

The cost of exclusive offers - $ 180. The price includes gift to the newlyweds.