Expedition to Taganai

We would like to offer you an entertaining trip on foot to one of the most beautiful mountain complexes of Ural. The duration of a tour during summer time is – 2 days/1 night. Staying in tents, in a wild forest. Taganai- is a wonderful place on tha map of Russia- here the most valuable ecological systems are safed- mountain tundra and a meadow, open forests and an old- growth forest.

Ancient mineral copies are remained on the territory of national park “Taganai”, plants and animals, which are characteristics for an European part of Russia, Russian North, the Volga region, Ural, Western and Central Russia. Park Taganai- is a small mountain country, one of the most beautiful places in The Southern Urals.

Relief of Park Taganai presents the system of mid- mountain ranges. The picks of the ranges are cliffy and difficult to access, they are topped with unusual isolated hills and sharp edges. The giant of Otkliknoj ridge looks especially inapproachable.

Slopes of a lot of peaks (Kruglitsa, Itsil) is a build up of huge blocks of boulder streams. These stony stream gravels make “stony rivers” when sinking down.

During summer time you can spend night by the foot of Otkliknoj ridge in tents, cook food on fire, try the clearest spring water. A special atmosphere creates fogs, which aren’t rare in this region. Heavy fog, especially during night- time – isn’t for weak- nerved ones and it makes you remember the characters of numerous horror films.

Cost of the excursion - $ 50