Gathering of wild-growing berries and mushrooms

Entertaining and at the same time useful excursion.

It is held accompanied by experienced guides who will show you the way to berries and mushrooms places and won’t allow you to eat something poisonous through lack of knowledge.

Departure to the place of gathering berries and mushrooms is in the early morning, all this excursion takes one day. You can use all gathered “trophies” as you wish- you can eat berries , mushrooms- fry or cook a soup, if you want to bring joy to your relatives at home then we will help you to make a jam out of berries, as for mushrooms- pickle them, so that you will be able to take cans with this product.

There is a vast variety of berries and mushrooms in our forests. You can find here both popular and beloved of all berries and rare species of them. Because most of the half a year there is snow in our region so you can gather berries and mushrooms in summer- autumn, and different species of berries and mushrooms can fruit in different time. Wild- growing cherry fruits in July.

- Wild- growing cherry is usually smaller and sourer than its garden variety but yet it is good for you. It is often a small spreading bush, berries of which is quite easy to gather.

- Wild raspberry is even more healthy for you than its garden variety. Trencher- men say that it is much more delicious. It’s easy to gather raspberry: it often grows in thick- sets and in contrast to other berries you can pick them without bending.

People gather raspberry in the second half of July and in August.

- Wild haute grows in the form of podgy ( up to 20cm) bushes. The fruits of haute - are of bright red color with small flare seeds. The berries are torn very easily. Haute fruits in the end of June- July. Haute season lasts not long, about two weeks.

- Strawberry. Strawberry from the point of botanic – is the type of a haute. Its fruits are well- rounded, thick, thanks to which this berry better can be transported. Berries aren’t red, they are green- red, making them look unripe. However this is a usual color for this type of berries, so you can easily eat it. Forest strawberry fruits in July.

And this is not the full list of berries that grow in our region! You can learn more details here

There are a great number of edible mushrooms in our region! Cepes, birch boletuses, red-cap bolete, milk mushrooms, honey funguses, slippery jacks…..

Almost all wild- growing mushrooms and berries have high palatability traits.

If you have never gathered wild growing berries and mushrooms before, then this excursion will become the most memorable event!

Price - $ 35