High-mountain lake Zuratkul

We would like to offer you an excursion program to one of the most picturesque place in Ural- national park “Zuratkul” and cognominal lake. The program is expected to last one day, however, if desired you can stay a night in one of the houses by the lake.

National park “Zuratkul”- is a wildlife sanctuary, which has a rich history, stepped in legends and myths. This amazing mountain country is rightly called Sinegorje. This is one of few corners of virgin wildlife nature. Lake Zuratkul is the highest mountain lake in Ural today. National park “Zuratkul” – the largest in Chelyabinsk region, it is situated on the territory of 88 thousands of hectares and includes unique nature works. Ecopark Zuratkul is situated on the joint of 2 zones- forest- steppe zone and taiga zone, this explains the picturesqueness and richness of flora and fauna.

National park “Zuratkul” got its name from Lake Zuratkul. The water in the lake is very pure, because water exchange happens only in a year. Zuratkul is like in a cradle surrounded by high rangers and mountains. Among them- range Nurgush ( the average height – 1200m, maximum – 1406 m above sea level) stretches for 50 km. On the top of the range – there is a unique huge mountain table land, about 9 square kilometers, the biggest in the region with groups of taiga vegetation. Here there is the second highest range- Zuratkul.

There are 15 natural monuments, among them are Lake Bereznyak, rocky complex “Zuratkul columns”, sites of an ancient man ( 12 sites along Lake Zuratkul). You can meet the biggest animals of Ural forests- a bear and an elk. Rangers- Nurgush and Urenga – is a real bear corner, mink, marten, red fox, 150 bird species also live there.

Zuratkul is wonderful in any time of the year! National park “Zuratkul” surprise you with its beauty and fascinates by its views! Here, you can breathe chestful at 724 meter above sea level, admiring the sunny reflection of Lake Zuratkul.

Duration - 1/2/3 days. Price - from 50 $ per person.