Hot springs

We would like to offer you one of the most popular tours – leisure at hot springs of Ural. Nature has given us more than 30 such springs, part of them are still not equipped ( so called wild hot springs).

and part of them is well prepared for meeting tourists and can satisfy the most sophisticated ones. It’s a pleasure to bathe in hot springs in winter – the water is warm ( 45 and more degrees), steam and unique qualities of hot springs not only take your breath but also cure from different illnesses! Hot mineral springs have healthy influence on your body, energize, revitalize body and give positive feelings and emotions.

Hot springs are especially popular from October till April, when the contrast between the temperature of water and air is especially high.

Healing qualities of thermal water, intensive infrastructure and unusualness of tour – all these are hot springs of Ural!

Duration - 1 day or 2 days / 1 night. Cost - from $ 75