Hunting and fishing in Russia

We would like to offer you one more exclusive tour from "RealRussia"!

Hunting in Russia - is a quite popular activity. Different birds and animals range in our vast forests and water ponds. Valuable hunter’s trophies , obtained during hunting make such kind of tourism very popular in our country.

We organize goose, duck, hazel grouse, black cock, wood grouse, hare, fox, wolf, wild pig, roe deer and even bear hunting tours! And this is not the full list!

Hunting in Russia is seasonal. Each animal has its own time period. For example, wood grouse and black cock hunting tours are held from April,25 till May,4, from August, 23 till October, 31 and from November, 1 till December, 31.

Taiga owner – bear tours – from August till November.

Wild pig has been a desirable trophy of hunters all over the world. This is a smart, serious and quick-witted animal. Hunting for him is held on domesticated areas from a column. The tours start from August, 1 and finish February, 28.

Roe deer is considered to be the most beautiful animal of Ural. From August, 25 till September, 30 individual tours on male Siberian roe deer are held, from November, 15 till December, 31 – folding hunting.


The duration of hunting tours – from 3 days. Hunting- is quite an expensive activity but it doesn’t stop those who really love it!


People fish in lakes and rivers. It’s good that there are water ponds in our region in plenty. You can fish with a fishing tackle both in winter and summer.

We also offer you to go underwater hunting, which is quite successful in our region. For example, it’s a work of a moment to get a pike of 5- 7 kilograms.