Lessons of colloquial Russian language

It’s obvious that the quickest and the easiest way to learn a language is to be in the country where this language is native. Moreover if you will often be in groups with native speakers, who we are in fact. I often hear from people who have already visited us that Russian language sounds very beautiful. But maybe they just tell a lie so that to please us? But along with this Russian language is quite difficult for studying. In any case we will tell you in a easiest way the fundaments of colloquial Russian language.

For those who are not interested in such academicism we offer to have a lesson of Russian language with a focus on Russian swear words.

Nobody will learn you this except us!

Swear words have a special place and there are a lot of them. If in English language one can use the word “fuck” to transfer the abundance of negative feelings, in Russian language the scope is much wider. We can learn you how to swear in the way that nobody from your fellow countryman will understand. Nevertheless you will always be able to “let off steam” without any consequences. You will be able to curse your teacher or a boss aloud and he won’t understand a word!