Museums of armored vehicles

We offer excursion to a specialized museums for the fans of armored vehicles!

We have two such of museums:

1) The Museum of armored vehicles of the largest tank building plant in the world- “Uralvagonzavod”! You can not only see the products of the museum from T-34 to T-40, but also get inside some of the exhibits.

The way to the museum is along the entrance of the plant. The 30th thousand T-34 is in front of it.

Civil production of “Uralvagonzavod” is outside – vehicles, cisterns…

But the most important is inside the museum, in an underground hangar! Here you can find the examples of armored production since war time and till present days. OT – 34 (flamethrower tank T-34), T-34-85, T-54, experienced “object 140” and “object 167T”, T-55, T-62, rocket tank IT-1, engineer tank, recovery vehicle -1, T-72 “Ural”, T-72A, T-72 B and of course T-90!

Part of presented armored vehicles is open- you can sit on the place of any of the crew members.

2) A vast Museum “Battle Glory of Ural” in the town Verhnaya Pishma. This is the largest Museum of Russian and foreign military hardware in Ural, retro-cars and unique objects connected with military history of Russia.

Nowadays the collection of the museum includes several hundred exhibit items, from small badges and medals to huge missle systems. The big part is presented by tanks – starting from light weight vehicles of early 1930-s and finishing with the most modern ones!

The exposition of self-contained artillery piece.

Besides, infantry combat vehicles, armored carriers, bombardment and tubeless artillery and a lot of other objects are presented in the museum.

Here, there is something to look at, some exhibit items are unique!