Picturesque Lake Turgoyak and the Iceland of Vera

Discover for yourself the pearl of Ural – Lake Turgoyak. This lake is called “the elder brother” of famous Lake Baykal because of similarities in water qualities.

It is surrounded by fascinating Ural Mountains. The air there is clear and transparent. Turgoyak isn’t a usual lake. It’s spring water preserves transparency up to 12m to the deep and it amazes with its freshness. Moreover it considers to be healing: there isn’t a lot of organics, but it has radon. You can spend a nice time on the lake shore in summertime – stay in tents or at one of the recreation camps.

The Iceland of Saint Vera – is an energetic heart of Lake Turgoyak. According to a legend, the Iceland got its name from the nun Vera, who founded a skete. The Iceland is full of wonders and everybody who has been there, has known it. And you never know what you can expect at the joints of two ancient continents – Europe and Asia, at joint which lets the Earth breath go through. About 38 archeological monuments were found during archeological works. The site of Neanderthaler is the ancient of them ( 60-100 thousands years ago) and the latest objects – ruins of Old Believers’ skete 18-19 century – cells, cemetery and a church…. The most impressive monuments are megaliths – constructions, set from massive stones. Their age is 5,5 thousands years.


There are not only ancient monuments on the Iceland but also interesting Old Believer’s objects. These are dugouts of citizens of the skete, a chapel with stony cross and also Old Believers’ cemetery, where their bodies rest.

Duration of the tour - 1 Day. Cost - $ 40