Rafting in Ural rivers

Rafting – is an excellent opportunity of an active leisure for a big group of friends or a family. On the whole, water tourism in all its kinds (rafting, kayaking) are very popular in Ural. It is connected with the fact that Ural is a water region with abundance of rivers and a wide choice of routes for rafting.

Water tourism allows to explore nature more closely and become familiar with the roots of our history.

Rafting- is an easy active leisure but here you can challenge you will and your body. It is only part of the story. When coming to us, you will be able take part in assembling of catamaran, putting up tents and diving into the world without blessings of civilization, where you have to cook even food on fire.

Ural rivers are very beautiful, and rafting in them allows to realize that in full scale. Huge lost mountain cliffs overlook on the banks. You can meet caves and grottos which one can explore any time. During rafting you can make a stop so that to observe the picturesque places.

River Ai makes a picturesque canyon like valley. Practically each turn of River Ai presents the meeting with a natural monument and fascinates by its picturesque panoramas. Cliffs and rages – Bolshoy and Maliy Prites, caves- Kamenka and Kurgazakskaya, Nadezhda ( Hope), Ponornaya.

Rafting doesn’t demand any special physical training and specific age. Rafting duration is 1-3 days.

Cost - from $ 90.