Riding a Russian motorcycle

Riding our motorcycles – it’s a wow! Motorcycles which were produced in the USSR as a rule were used for riding in the countryside for which reason they have high capacity and increased strength.

In fact, far more modern versions of motorcycles are produced now, but as people say in Russia “an old ox makes a straight furrow”. I won’t speak about the reliability of this transport, but it’s not “Harley Davidson” for sure. Nowadays in villages people still ride them, even 10 year old children. Six people can be easily carried in such a motorcycle with a side car. It’s a real exotic amusement to ride famous Soviet 36 - forces “Ural”!

You can ride it when you go for an excursion to a village or a recreation centre.

More, it is possible to pass on the old tractor! :))

Cost - $ 6 per person!