Russian Sauna (banya)

Banya – is one of the symbols of Russia. Banyas appeared in Russia a long time ago. During Middle Ages, when in Europe kings washed only twice a year, in Russia peasants regularly washed in banyas.

It is difficult to imagine life of a man in a Russian province without banya till now. So we will definitely prepare banya in a village!

We will prepare for you not the one which is fake, or just for show- but a real one, which you will never meet, only in a Russian province!

Taking a steam – bath with birch sauna whisk is a great pleasure! After this you fell like born- again.

In winter Russian people like after having warmed themselves in banya dive into an icy water or dry themselves with snow.

In summer one can jump from scaffolds after banya into the river! You will remember for long the time that you will spend in a well prepared sauna! You can feel such a delight only in Russia- all the rest are just fakes!

After banya we offer you as a bonus to try tea from Russian samovar – ancient Russian teapot. The taste of tea from samovar is unforgettable!

Cost - from $ 15 per hour!