Russian village life

We invite you for a lively excursion - living in a Russian village!

Most of the time of its history Russia has been an agrarian country, population of which contained villagers. Nowadays few of villages remain, but nearly quarter of population of the country live in the countryside.

Village life is quite peculiar, especially for foreigners. Village - first of all it is work, it is fields and gardens, cattle and living things. As a rule, people in the village live in wooden houses, some of which are still heated by log pieces! The stoves in the houses are usually called “Russian” ones, people cook meal in them. Naturally, that cooked in such a way food is different from that we got used to eat. Practically everybody who has tasted the dish cooked in a Russian stove, agrees that it’s much tastier!

A pleasant point for living will be the opportunity to communicate with living things, which live in the backyard ( goats, cows, horses, birds and even greyhounds).

With our project you can even milk a cow and a goat!

We can offer to carry manure for those who wants to lose oneself in village reality.

Toilets deserve individual attention in a village, which are often situated outside. They are very impressive places which you will remember for all your life!

Naturally, there is a Russian sauna in each village, which you can use. Please notice to the fact that you will live with real villagers and observe not staged but real Russian village life! Go to a village party, drink samogon and walk in the forest in search of berries and mushrooms, ride a motorbike along the village (ССЫЛКА МОТОЦИКЛ), tractor or a telega (horse – drawn vehicle) – all these things you can do with our project!

The living includes the cost of meals. Your preferences in menu will be taken into account.

Cost of the tour - $ 40 / day.

Villages, in which we invite you are located in eco- friendly clean regions, about 200 km from Chelyabinsk.