The echo of the war

During the Second World War Chelyabinsk played a major role as a logistical city where warlike equipment was produced.

During the beginning of the war Chelyabinsk got its unofficial name – Tankograd. The huge production switched off to producing tanks after the union of Chelyabinsk Tractor Works and 2 evacuated plants- Kirov Plant from Leningrad and Kharkov engine plant. Mass production of tanks T-34 was mastered in only 33 days.

The production of installation BM- 13 – the famous "Katyusha" was mastered on Kolyuschenko plant.

Chelyabinsk plants during the war produced diesel engines, weapons, electrical equipment for armed vehicles, details for KV tanks and ZIL motor vehicles, glass protection for planes and other necessary products for the victory. By the end of the war each third tank and war plane had Chelyabinsk steel. All these had a great impact on the present city image. A great number of monuments remind us about our power.


There is an exposition of armored vehicles in Victory Garden, which will fancy armored vehicles fans.

You can even climb the exhibit items.


We offer excursion to the museums of armored vehicles specially for the fans – to Verhnaya Pishma and Nizhniy Tagil. Both these museums are unique, there are a great number of armored vehicles of different ages including singular copies which didn’t go into production.