The greatest Russian caves

In the depths of an Ice mountain, in an old Kungur town Kungur Ice cave saves its mysteries. Kungur cave- is the seventh cave in length in the world among gypsum caves and the longest karst ice cave in Russia!

This cave is the only one equipped for excursions in our country. Its age is 10-12 thousands years. From the earliest times Kungur cave is the proud of Kungur and Ural citizens. Sparkling with snowy crystals and thick fringe of drizzle, Kungur cave is really a national patrimony! It is no wonder that in 2011 the cave got into the list of the 10 the most beautiful caves in the world according to "Forbes".

If we are lucky, we will meet the White speleologist who is told about by the guide. The excursion route is about 1,5km. During this time you will visit more than 10 grottos: Brilliant grotto, Coral grotto, grotto of Romantics, Lady’s tears grotto, Polar, Etherial, Sea bottom ….. Each grotto is beautiful and unique. It is wonderful that nature combines massive ice columns and underground mirror lakes which amazes by their cleanness and stillness. Bu the way, there are about 70 underground lakes!

The mysterious arches of caves – are ideal decorations for laser show which turns the excursions into a real performance. Characters , which suddenly appears on its walls recreates the cave history from the times of the creation of the world.

Duration - 1 or 2 days. Cost - $ 100/150.